My Story

Enabling women to transform their lives.

After working in child protection for 35 years, I was losing my passion for the job and was no longer feeling fulfilled. I knew that I wanted a change of direction but had no idea as to where or what to next. Fortunately my then employer offered coaching as part of a new management programme and through those sessions I saw coaching as a brilliant next step.

Coaching helped me make sense of my experiences and fulfilled my sense of calling.
I have experienced significant loss within my family, and worked in the harsh world of child protection for 35 years and those experiences were beginning to limit what I wanted to do with my life. I had buried the impact of my losses deep within the pit of my being; thinking that others would regard me as ‘unfortunate’ or ‘bad luck’ and I felt that the only employment role I could do was that of social work manager, and my whole identity was wrapped up in the role.

After receiving coaching I made a courageous decision to leave social work and train as a coach. I have learned more about myself including how I am motivated and how I make decisions through the Enneagram personality typing process and Neuro Linguistic programming. My journey of self awareness has resulted in acceptance of my past and that it can be a tool to encourage others to break out of imposed limiting moulds of being.


Is this you?

I work with women who are looking for deeper meaning and purpose in their lives, and are wanting to understand their life experiences but not have them define them. These women have a strong feeling that there is more to life than they are currently living.

Who I work with?

I work with women who may have experienced significant loss or who have felt restricted by the expectations of others or society on their lives. they are wanting to understand their experiences but not be defined by them, and they want to transform their lives by achieving their own personal definition of success.

Training and qualifications:

I am a life coach and I specialise in enabling women to transform their lives.

I am a qualified coach, NLP practitioner and qualified Enneagram personality typing coach.

I am also a qualified and registered social worker.